School and Camp Workshop

School and Camp Workshop

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Teaching students and teachers the values and importance of vermicomposting and recycling with red wigglers and how their worm castings (worm poop) assist with improving soil qualities with their applications to gardens, grow beds, lawns, shrubs, trees and basically any and everything that grows here on our amazing planet!

We host our workshop hands on inside classrooms teaching composting, vermicomposting, recycling, and worm farming. Worm farming in a nutshell is raising red worms in captivity, using them to consume and compost your lunchroom food waste and paper waste from your classroom and in return the worms generate Worm Castings (worm poop) which we then teach how to apply this product to your plants, gardens and grow beds as an all natural fertilizer and soil amendment!

Please contact us to schedule one of our worm farming workshops in your classroom!

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