Josh's Cans

JOSH'S CANS is a nonprofit that we launched in memory of our son who lost his battle with addiction 2018.

10% of sales from all of our GA Wigglers Worm Farm products go directly to Josh's Cans.  We also produce and sell arts, crafts & products made here at our farm to further assist our cause. If you see a product on our site or at any of our events that are marked with "Josh's Cans" then you know 100% of that sale goes to Josh's Cans.

These donations go directly to fighting substance abuse within and around our beautiful city of Atlanta GA.

Through Josh we CAN turn addicts onto a different path through teaching sustainability and the importance of preserving this world for future generations. Through Josh we CAN change the stigma around mental health and we CAN prevent suicide before it happens through intervention. We CAN educate our youth on drugs, addiction and mental illness and show them a better way. We CAN reach any and everyone through an online educational platform that teaches them to find hope through positive change and a new way of living. We CAN change the world one person, one idea, and one cause at a time.

Please reach out if you'd like more information or if you'd like to find ways to help.