Worm Compost Tea Bags

Worm Compost Tea Bags

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  • (8) Worm Compost Tea Bags - Brews 40 Gallons

Worm Compost Tea is one of the best ways to fertilize your gardens and grow beds more effectively and frugally. Even though the worm castings are one of the most effective ways to fertilize and replenish your soil for optimum growth, you can brew your own worm compost tea and therefore instantly add valuable micro and macro nutrients into your plants root system in a liquid form, versus waiting on the worm castings to break down with rain or watering, It's an instant feed source! Plus worm castings can become very expensive if you are treating larger grow beds or gardens, and the compost tea bags go a lot further for your money. A definite win-win!!

Each worm compost tea bag will brew 5-gallons of all natural liquid fertilizer/soil amendment, and will treat up to 20 plants, according to their size and age, so order your tea bags for all your gardens and grow beds today!

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