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Worm Castings (15 Pound Bag) $34.99 - Includes Free Shipping!

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15.00 LBS
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Product Description

Worm Castings and their applications


Worm Castings (vermicompost) in a nut shell, is earthworm poop and one of nature's most potent organic/all natural fertilizer and soil amendments. Rated number three as potency stands, eel poop in the oceans being number one, bat guano (poop) as number two, and rich, microbial & nutrient filled Worm Castings being number three. Worm Castings really do their job well when it comes to boosting your plants, gardens, grow beds and lawns growth!

When our Red Wigglers ingest their food they excrete the Worm Castings. Worm castings not only enhance the growth of gardens, lawns, plants, fruit trees, etc but also strengthens the root ball and stalk enhancing lustrous green leaves and provides one of the very finest tasting fruits and vegetables.  The rich micro-nutrient filled worm castings assist in replenishment of the soil, which with the use of commercial fertilizers are broken down compromising optimal growth and taste.

Here are the basics on how it all works: We create a worm bed/bin, and then we feed our fruit/vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells, newspaper, cardboard to our worms and the worms turn it into worm castings (also known as worm poop), and we then apply the Worm Castings as an natural fertilizer/soil amendment to our gardens, grow beds, fruit trees, etc for optimal growing conditions.

Worm Castings are a slow release fertilizer, therefore each time it rains your plants are being treated. The organisms and nutrients will stay alive and active in the soil, releasing rich nutrients long term. They contain beneficial micro-Nutrients, but also contain live organisms that will not only nourish your plants but also serve as a pesticide and anti fungal.




You can "top dress" when applying the worm castings, by simply digging a trench approximately 2" deep around the drip line of your plant, fill the trench with the castings and then cover and water in; then water at regular intervals and the castings will repeat it's fertilization up to 4 times.

You can "incorporate them" right into your soil at the time of planting as well, broadcasting them a couple of inches thick on top of your gardening areas and then turning it all together; then plant accordingly, watering once again at regular intervals.

Or . . . One of our favorite things to do with the Worm Castings and should become yours as well, is to brew yourself some "Worm Compost Tea"!! You just use a nylon knee high or paint strainer, add one lb. of worm castings per 5-gallons of water and then brew it in a warm sunny place for 24 hours. Then apply the compost tea accordingly. Usually starting with about a pint per young transplant, and then going up to one full gallon per adult plant.


We have been raising Red Wigglers for over a decade, and have learned through trial and error how to care for them with great success. We work our worms within their beds and bins vermicomposting over 40 different materials to generate this rich, nutrient filled soil amendment by the multiple tons annually now.



Worm Castings in BULK ORDERS saving you even more!!

Our  worm castings start at: $2.00 per lb.

Small bags/5-lbs: $10.00

Large bags/20-lbs: $30.00



Pallets of Worm Castings:
20/20-lb bags per pallet (400 lbs) @ $400.00
40/20-lb bags per pallet (800 lbs) @ $640.00


1,000 lbs (1/2 - ton) @ $600.00


2,000 lbs (1-ton) @ $800.00


4,000 lbs (2-tons) @ $1,200.00


10,000 lbs (5-tons) @ $3,500.00


** All bulk orders consisting of more than 10,000 lbs. please email for pricing


** 3-5 days harvesting & handling time for all bulk orders of 1,000 lbs or more




Help us recycle today!!


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Product Reviews

  1. Love this stuff 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Mar 2019

    Beautiful black worm poop!!


  2. Rich and potent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Apr 2017

    Worm castings really do their job in our gardens and grow beds

  3. The best! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Aug 2015

    We drove out to Ga Wigglers and personally met with Dennis (the owner/operator of Ga Wigglers) and was so glad we did!

    Dennis shared his knowledge of vermiculture and vermicomposting with us without hesitation.
    He literally provided us with tons of information and even discounted our product cost even more after we decided to buy red worms to start our own worm bed to generate worm castings first hand.

    Thanks Dennis for your kindness and knowledge!

  4. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful product! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jul 2015

    Potent and alive!

  5. Thanks! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Aug 2014

    Dennis was recommended from other composters within our garden club and we are very pleased with his professional level of service, as well as his pricing on such a wonderful product

  6. Very potent and beautiful product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Dec 2013

    These worm castings are by far some of the richest I have used! A+++

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